Progetto Urlo


project Kinkaleri / Matteo Bambi, Luca Camilletti, Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco, Cristina Rizzo | production Kinkaleri – 2004/2008 | in collaboration with far° festival des arts vivants-Nyon, Equilibrio Festival-Roma, Domus Circular-Milano, Campus Terme Tamerici-Montecatini, Territoria 3-Prato

Screaming is the extended emission of a sound, loudly coming out of the mouth; the scream is a singulative form, several screams become a collective form. A high pitched and uncontrolled scream is often due to an intense emotion connected with pain, scare, enthusiasm, anger and finally, joy.

Progetto Urlo is a series of events – performances, installations and handcrafts – using the act of screaming as their lowest common denominator. The action – developing the ancestral nature and the deflagrating form of the scream, each time in a different context – investigates the many levels of the relationship between a person and the power, and in all circumstances activating open dialogues – sometimes conflicting – between the produced scream and the accidental listener.

Un urlo nel lago (2004): an audio system – positioned by one of the windows of the castle in Nyon, Switzerland, overlooking the lake – plays loudly a series of screams recorded in town.
Auditorium (2005): 20 loudspeakers – scattered inside a small building with walls of glass, in front of Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica – play, at regular intervals, the screams recorded the previous day nearby the location.
Stadium (2005): 23 persons, one at a time, walk through the football pitch of Milan San Siro Stadium and scream into a microphone positioned at midfield and connected to the stadium audio system, made available on the occasion of a big cultural event.
Campus (2005): a group of teenage students walk through the town of Montecatini, Italy, with a microphone and a portable amplifier; they stop passers-by and invite them to scream.
Manifesto (2008): 10 posters – 6 X 3 metres and portraying screaming individuals – posted in the town of Prato, Italy.