Kinkaleri was given birth in 1995. Joining their previous experiences and studies worked out in various fields, the components agree with the intention of realizing specific projects, spurring the will to operate and to deal with actual ideas, and always in charge of all the aspects about the creations of their line. Kinkaleri work in experimental theater, movement research, performances, installations, exhibitions, sound materials, looking for a language not on the basis of a style but directly in the evidence of an object.
The works of the company has been shown both in Italy and abroad, in theatres, contemporary art museums, dance and theatre festivals, galleries, including Triennale Teatro dell’Arte – Milan, Teatro Metastasio, Teatro Fabbricone – Prato, Teatro Grande – Brescia, Sophiensaele and KunstHalle Deutsche Bank – Berlin, Centre Pompidou – Paris, Kaaitheater and KunstenFESTIVALdesArts – Bruxelles, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Pecci – Prato, Fondazione Gulbenkian – Lisboa, Kitazawa Town Hall – Tokyo, Oriental Pioneer Theatre – Beijing, Mercat de les flors – Barcelona, La Batie Festival – Geneve, Festival di Santarcangelo – Santarcangelo, Biennale Danza – Venice, Villa Romana – Florence, MAXXI – Rome.

Among the most important creations: Doom(1996), 1.9cc GLX(1998), My love for you will never die(2001), OTTO(2002/2003), WEST(2003-2006), I Cenci/Spettacolo(2004), Nerone(2006), THE HUNGRY MARCH SHOW / Between a carrot and I(2007) / Yes Sir!(2008), Alcuni giorni sono migliori di altri(2008), Ascesa&Caduta(2010) / I AM THAT AM I(2010), Hit Parade(2011/2017), All!(2012-2017) Trilogia Puccini: Nessun Dorma(2010) / Butterfly(2015) / I love You TOSCA (2018), No Title Yet(2017),  I’M OK.(2017), OTTO(2003/2018), Once More(2019), INFERNO(2021), OtellO(2021), HellO°(2022-23).

In 2002 the group is awarded the LO STRANIERO bets for the future prize “…for the admirable group coordination within stern theatrical forms made of rough and intense means where dance is hidden rhythm of the reality and a slight distance generates the necessary dissonances” and, still in 2002, the UBU prize for the performance OTTO as best dancetheater performance of the year.
Since 2001 Kinkaleri has its headquarters in Prato at spazioK, one of the spaces of the former Campolmi industrial area in the historic center of the city. Since 2013 the spazioK is a regional residence center developing artistic paths belonging to the different fields of creation and aimed at young generations, spazioK is also the place of is it my world? and Body To Be two different series of events about performance and dance. The group is currently formed by Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco.