Body To Be is a project for contemporary performance art, curated by Kinkaleri; since 2015 it has presented a series of events with international artists who put the body at the heart of their reflections. Performance art has always been the elective land for the body to be, and notably for some experiences where the boundaries among disciplines get marked and denied, expanded and undermined.
Realized as part of the “Cantiere Toscana Contemporanea” project, and in collaboration with some cultural associations and institutions dealing, each one in a personal way, with contemporary languages, Body To Be presents every year a programme of works by artists who investigate the presence and the perceptual experience of bodies, as well as producing events to guide the new generations and having them reflecting upon the contemporary landscapes, trying to create a fertile ground for the transmission of knowledge and the sharing of points of view.

The body has always been the place for social conflict, where contradictions – in the relationship between individuals and society – explode. By restricting it, registering it, distinguishing it, blocking it, burning it or exposing it to public humiliation, the social power states the terms of existence, that need – from time to time – to be examined and overturned. It is an ever-present collision, always hanging in the balance between strength and fluidity.
The body – in the arts – turns to be also the place for inclusion and transformation, where languages and systems get coordinated so as to try to tell – beyond the radar of obviousness – the shadow-layers of our contemporary world.
Body To Be is an opportunity to get back to unavoidable questions, more importantly considering the presence of performing bodies and perceptual bodies, both sharing a necessity.