is it my world? is the extension of a physical space – spazioK – an activity site in the city of Prato, Italy, as well as Kinkaleri’s headquarters. The title of the project reflects a general condition of the company’s artistic attitude: an open question produced by a place wondering about the state of things, calling into doubt its own existence.

is it my world? offers itself as a hub for the most current languages of Italian and international performing arts activities. It is a free zone where being able to develop new ways of working at contemporary productions, a display of exposition for the city and its territory, a centre for art experiences that qualifies over the years connecting with local cultural structures and the network of contemporary art places.

is it my world? is a creative interaction laboratory where the residency programme is carried out concretely as a complex and ongoing action throughout the year. The venue hosts residencies, performances, events, training courses and workshops of companies and artists who carry on their research with the aware perseverance whose precariousness is preserved and made a value.

is it my world? is a question repeated like a litany, like a sweet obsession. It is a possibility to think over the cultural venues and over people as sensitive places of happenings, events, gatherings, transmissions of imagined actions and concepts that need to spread presence, evidence, rhythm and sense. It is an opening attempt to start again from what is possible, intersecting paths and trajectories, so to become a narration among the biographies of individuals, the corners of the houses, the streets and the empty spaces.