project, production Kinkaleri
with the support of Mibac – Dipartimento dello Spettacolo, Regione Toscana

The Cassero is a rest of the walls of Prato, a space that could be conceived as a particle accelerator, a straight line where photons run almost like light.

Alternatively, a border, archaic and obsolete, like every law or as any dividing wall.

(The essence of life is to proceed by dissociation and dichotomies: Conceptual and three-dimensional, scientific and romantic, geometric and organic, mind and matter, construction and deconstruction, abstract and figurative, simple and complex, rigid and flexible, passive and active, rational and irrational, to resist and to let go, steady and ephemeral, horizontal and vertical, emotional and physical, tenderness and violence, union and cut, destruction and reconstruction, breakdown and repair, death and birth, love and hate, harmony and conflict, frustration and happiness, success and failure, old age and youth, the one and the others, public and private, to add and to take away, exteriority and interiority, process and object, spontaneity and project, conscience and unconsciousness, repetition and difference).
The Performance investigates the sequence of the breaking point. The morphology of the place makes the experiment natural, it can be witnessed by two opposite views, two points that are declared and showed together. Closeness and distance, two complementary visions of a single landscape.
An event that at any moment prevents you from being able to continue causes an accident. It’s time to be elsewhere, without regrets, as settlers in space.