It is a project to develop in the cities of the West used as a contact surface for a set of deaths following one another while everything streams on the tracks of a planet that includes them. The evidence of the limit of each Western process, a course that does not produce a thing, a mechanism waiting for the end, arising every day and every day pursued more and more quickly, anxiously, painlessly. Gained is the apex, waiting now for the next explosion. Done for is the world and it comes apart at the seams. It repeats its tightly-knit death pointlessly and effortlessly. No debut, no fulfilment, no satisfaction. Travels are expected to the different cities where what takes place is the immortalization of the represented construction of acts of dying through the support of a video-camera followed by the editing of those images, those deaths. The city does not die, everything gets concrete in its ordinary course, everything is ordinary.
Each subject is on the same level; the watcher is being watched and the city turns into the identification of the representation of the contemporary Western city. Everything is ordinary and manifest, and swapping places is not altering a thing; being seen does not allow death but the death maintains the vision through the connection of the eyes of the watcher and the one being watched both watching the one who watches and then collapses, with an act that since childhood has not been performed without the possible protection of the representation. The city stays where it is: it declares itself unique and multiple, for itself and for many other cities, and by releasing the differences the West strains to recognize itself everywhere in a tidiness; and yet everything slides and gets clogged onto those bodies, and all that the frame includes risks falling therein. To skim the border continuously , to caress it like a precious thing, no illusion, no pain.
To ask a stranger to do something for me, something I could do without, that the stranger could do without, to substantivize the unlikely need of a hoarse complicity, to stop him in the street interrupting one way of his, one itinerary of his, one occupation of his, to ask him to stare at the lens for about fifteen seconds from his distance, he is being part of a framing, to ask him to keep his gaze staring and after the agreed approximation of time to fall to the ground, acting in full awareness of it, to leave a void, to operate autonomously, a body on the ground, without a specific behaviour, without interpretation, without melodrama, the last possible fall, to die falling to the ground, to be remaining to die at the past participle tense on the ground for at least ten seconds and anyway not before he is been told that everything is over, we got an agreement, while all around the rest goes on by itself, following its own organization.
In alphabetical order Amsterdam, Athina, Beijing, Berlin, Bruxelles, London, New York City, Paris, Praha, Roma, Tokyo, Wien. The installation consists of the accumulation of the separate deceases put into effect during the stay in the city, or in the cities, edited for a multiple monitor- screening, and, possibly, at the same time a live section that in real time will organize and shoot further human deaths broadcast live on a screen from the adjacent location. And along with this one the other possible variants of output exposure to place each time into the available sites.

Project and production Kinkaleri

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video extracts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ-8gebz9Wc